What's Happening?

  • Spring Corporation Meeting

    Posted April 14, 2015

    Thursday evening in the Theater, members of the Presidio Hill School Corporation will meet to hear business updates on the school and vote for Board Trustees. The second half of the evening will focus on curriculum previews for next year as our students step up a grade.

  • Climate Change Museum in the Second Grade Class

    Posted May 22, 2015

    Second grade recently hosted a Climate Change Museum! The study began after a comment mentioned by a student during a closing circle. The topic was "If I was president..." and the student answered that if she were president, she would end climate change.

  • Books and Pajamas Day Fun

    Posted May 8, 2015

    Books and Pajamas Day is celebrated at the end of April each year. This day is meant to embrace the love of reading and to support literacy skills. Students are encouraged to explore new books, share reading with one another across age levels and experience the written word in different forms. Why not wear pajamas and get cozy while doing all this?

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