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3rd Grade Mathematics

Mathematical Practices

  1. Makes sense of problems and perseveres in solving them
  2. Represents thinking with visual models and equations
  3. Communicates mathematical thinking effectively
  4. Attends to precision

Number Sense and Operations

  1. Adds and subtracts fluently within 1,000
  2. Multiplies and divides fluently within 60
  3. Uses place value understanding to represent and solve multi-digit problems
  4. Demonstrates conceptual understanding of fractions as numbers

Geometry and Measurement

  1. Describes and identifies attributes of polygons and polyhedrons
  2. Identifies the fractional parts of whole shapes
  3. Solves problems involving length, perimeter, and area
  4. Solves problems involving volume and mass
  5. Tells and writes time to nearest minute

Patterns and Algebraic Thinking

  1. Recognizes and extends numerical patterns
  2. Solves multiplication and division problems with unknowns in all positions

Data Analysis and Probability

  1. Records, arranges, presents and interprets data using tables and various types of graphs