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Presidio Hill School teachers create a culture of expectation and inspiration for their students. They understand the inevitability of change and have in their power the ability to shape that change to the advantage of their students.  

Presidio Hill teachers also understand their responsibility to keep learning as they grow and develop alongside their students. Instead of aspiring to be a community of the learned, we strive to be a community of learners. The teaching methodology is grounded in progressive tradition and includes many elements.

Our teachers:
  • Are familiar with the use of technology and use it in developmentally appropriate ways with students. Employ technology, including the school's website, to communicate with parents.
  • Know something about modern brain research and its application to the classroom.
  • Plan and implement experiential education elements, closely tied to classroom curriculum. Possibilities include field trips, overnights, outdoor education, environmental education and service learning.
  • Engage students in questions and actions focused on environmental responsibility and stewardship.
  • Have an international, global perspective through travel, living abroad, reading and other means.
  • Create multicultural units of study and model a respect for diversity and inclusion.
  • Know something about motivation and attribution theory and use this knowledge to create an ethos fostering intrinsic motivation.
  • Model and teach ethical values and character.

If you are interested in working in an environment that expects collegiality and cooperation, stresses teacher as well as student growth, and offers small classes within a dynamic, diverse and supportive community of students, parents and fellow teachers in one of the finest and most interesting cities in the world, let us hear from you.


Thank you for your interest in Presidio Hill School.