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1st Grade Mathematics

Mathematical Practices

  1. Makes sense of problems and perseveres in solving them
  2. Represents thinking with visual models
  3. Communicates mathematical thinking effectively

Number Sense and Operations

  1. Counts, reads and writes numerals to 120
  2. Counts by 1's, 2’s, 5’s, 10's up to 100
  3. Understands and identifies place value to tens
  4. Represents and solves addition problems within 20
  5. Represents and solves subtraction problems within 20

Geometry, Measurement, and Data

  1. Sorts and classifies objects according to defining attributes
  2. Identifies and creates 2-D and 3-D shapes
  3. Measures in non-standard and standard units
  4. Compares and orders objects by length and height
  5. Tells and writes time to the half-hour, in both analog and digital format
  6. Recognizes, names, and understands halves and fourths/quarters
  7. Collect, represent, describe, and interpret data

Patterns and Algebraic Thinking

  1. Recognizes, extends, and creates patterns
  2. Understands the relationship between addition and subtraction