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4th Grade Mathematics

Mathematical Practices

  1. Makes sense of problems and perseveres in solving them
  2. Represents thinking with visual models and equations
  3. Attends to precision
  4. Communicates mathematical thinking effectively
  5. Reasons abstractly and quantitatively

Number Sense and Operations

  1. Multiplies and divides fluently within 100
  2. Multiplies and divides to solve word problems including multiplicative comparison problems
  3. Identifies prime and composite numbers
  4. Uses place value understanding to solve multi-digit arithmetic
  5. Reads, writes and represents multi-digit whole numbers
  6. Uses place value to round
  7. Compares fractions with like and unlike denominators
  8. Adds and subtracts fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators
  9. Reads, writes, compares, and adds decimals in tenths and hundredths

Geometry, Measurement, and Data

  1. Draws and identifies lines and angles
  2. Classifies polygons by their sides and angles
  3. Measures and compares the size of angles
  4. Calculates the perimeter and area of squares and rectangles
  5. Identifies lines of symmetry
  6. Measures accurately using measurement tools to determine lengths

Patterns and Algebraic Thinking

  1. Generates a number pattern to follow a given rule
  2. Models mathematical situations using tables and notation, including letters, to represent quantities

Data Analysis and Probability

  1. Organizes, represents, and analyzes measurement data
  2. Interprets data to draw conclusions and identify mode and median of a data set