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4th Grade participates in the Global Climate Action Summit and a Geology Program!

Friday, October 5, 2018

In connection with the Global Climate Action Summit happening in San Francisco, Salesforce and the Benioff Ocean Initiative partnered with the California Academy of Sciences to bring ocean and climate science learning to the museum. Our 4th grade students had a special opportunity to participate in activities focused on ocean warming, plastic pollution, and ocean acidification. The students were inspired by youth leaders connected with the nonprofit organization Heirs to Our Oceans and shared an interest in beginning their own chapter devoted to preserving and protecting our planet here at PHS. Students also put on their “geology hats” in a fun and engaging hands-on San Francisco geology lab where they used scientific tools and evidence to compare and contrast the benefits and risks of building at different San Francisco locations. It was a fun field trip full of new discoveries and deep learning.