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6th Grade Humanities


  1. Determines the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in texts and in vocabulary study
  2. Defines and identifies similes and metaphors in text and is able to determine the meaning of literary devices
  3. Annotates text consistently and thoroughly
  4. Demonstrates comprehension through critical reading and oral or written analysis


  1. Follows the conventions of standard English grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  2. Develops and strengthens writing through active use of the writing process
  3. Writes in complete sentences that vary in length, structure and vocabulary
  4. Writes a paragraph that includes a topic sentence, supporting details and evidence, and a concluding sentence
  5. Forms an argument based on evidence and expressed through a thesis statement that effectively guides writing
  6. Writes a well-organized multi-paragraph essay

Speaking and Listening

  1. Makes statements and asks questions that show active listening and relevant thinking


  1. Consistently comes to class on time and ready to engage with all aspects of the course
  2. Creates and maintains organized systems