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7th Grade Mathematics

Mathematical Practices

  1. Makes sense of problems and perseveres in solving them
  2. Represents thinking with visual models and equations
  3. Attends to precision
  4. Communicates mathematical thinking effectively
  5. Reason abstractly and quantitatively
  6. Constructs viable arguments and critiques the reasoning of others
  7. Uses appropriate tools strategically

Number Sense and Operations

  1. Solves problems involving the four operations on positive and negative rational numbers
  2. Compares quantities using ratios, rates, differences, and percents

Geometry and Measurement

  1. Calculates interior and exterior angle measurements in polygons
  2. Understands the properties needed to construct polygons
  3. Constructs geometric figures with given properties
  4. Identifies scale factor and understands the effect of scaling an image on area, perimeter, and angles
  5. Uses scaling and proportional relationships to solve geometric problems


  1. Recognizes linear and proportional relationships
  2. Writes linear equations from tables, graphs, and real-life situations
  3. Solves multi-step linear equations with rational numbers
  4. Interprets slope, y-intercept, ordered pairs, and point of intersection in the context of a real-life situation

Data Analysis and Probability

  1. Calculates theoretical probability of independent and compound events
  2. Represents probability and frequency of events using tree diagrams, area models, lists, and tables
  3. Calculates expected value
  4. Uses random sampling to make inferences about a population
  5. Calculates and interprets summary statistics
  6. Creates and interprets visual representations of data