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8th Grade Graduation!

Friday, June 10, 2022

Congratulations to the 8th grade graduates - our PHS Class of 2022!

Our incredible students leave PHS well-prepared for new learning opportunities, memories, and friendships. This Class of 2022 is moving on to many great high schools, spreading the spirit of Presidio Hill School across the city and beyond; the class will represent PHS exceedingly well, will always be a part of PHS, and will always be loved and welcomed here. 

To a person, this class has shown diligence, resilience, compassion, humor, and creativity. Students are talented in so many ways: artistically, academically, musically, and athletically. Socially, they are open-minded and kind, they care for themselves and others, and they truly know and respect each other as individuals. We are proud to call each of you a graduate of Presidio Hill School.

We often consider the Presidio Hill School mission statement at these pivotal moments: Dedicated to progressive education since 1918, Presidio Hill School challenges young people to imagine, inquire, and create. Our students engage San Francisco and The Presidio as an extended classroom and become empowered learners who are responsible, committed to justice, and optimistic about the future.
Our newest alumni truly are some of the most imaginative, inquisitive, and creative students in Presidio Hill’s long history. Their resilience, responsibility, and commitment to justice make PHS teachers and staff, their parents/guardians, and all of their many supporters, truly optimistic about their future and the future of our world. We are grateful to know each of them, we are proud to support each of them, and we are looking forward to the many ways they will share themselves with the world as they continue to learn and grow.