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8th Grade Habits of Mind

Work Habits

  1. Demonstrates a love of learning through curiosity and inquiry
  2. Demonstrates effort and engagement
  3. Completes work carefully and thoroughly
  4. Works well independently
  5. Works well in pairs and groups
  6. Comes to class on time with necessary materials
  7. Takes responsibility for shared space and materials
  8. Participates in class activities and discussions
  9. Communicates effectively and appropriately in a variety of settings
  10. Turns in homework completed and on time

Social Emotional Development

  1. Accepts responsibility for own actions
  2. Demonstrates empathy and considers the perspective of others
  3. Uses effective conflict resolution strategies
  4. Advocates for self
  5. Advocates for others
  6. Demonstrates challenge-seeking and resilience

Digital Literacy & Citizenship

  1. Uses technology and information safely and responsibly; is a positive digital citizen
  2. Collaborates, communicates, and innovates on digital projects and online
  3. Demonstrates critical thinking skills: evaluates, analyzes, and synthesizes information
  4. Uses and credits information from a variety of resources & media