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8th Grade "One Room Schoolhouse" Project

Friday, January 11, 2019

Recently, our eighth grade students have been learning about access to education and how racial demographics and household income divides San Francisco and can determine where children go to school. The students decided to build a model "one room schoolhouse" to display their research findings. They plan to cover their schoolhouse in their research papers so that visitors will be able to walk around the schoolhouse and read about their findings. Students began the project by forming groups that would each investigate a different topic- tuition levels across San Francisco, racial diversity in elementary and middle schools across the city, and locations of public and private middle schools. They went on to complete all of the building of the schoolhouse (with a little bit of help from their Humanities teachers) and have learned to use a chop saw, nail gun, jig saw, and drill. Next up- introducing their conclusions, and the schoolhouse, to the PHS community!