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8th Grade overnight in Point Reyes

Friday, August 30, 2019

On our overnight to Point Reyes last week, the 8th grade class rekindled connections and re-established class norms. With naturalists Sam and Brandon, students worked in collaborative teams to collect and measure Pacific mole crabs from the swash zone on Limantour Beach. Our data will be included in a citizen science project tracking the crab population and depicting the baseline status of a healthy beach ecosystem. Chef Dave Cook incorporated all students into meal preparations: shucking corn, washing lettuce, making meatballs, salting zucchini, and chopping veggies for our first dinner. On Thursday night, students kicked up their heels with great enthusiasm at a barn dance with live music. Sprinkle in some group challenges, a bit of coastal hiking, a few bugling elk, some sun and fog along with a ghost story and s'mores around the campfire: it all adds up to a lively start to our students' final year together at PHS.