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8th Grade Sculpture Unit Field Trip to the BAMPFA

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

8th Grade students recently visited the Berkeley Art Museum (BAMPFA) and explored an installation of sculpture made by the artist Masako Miki. This visit directly correlated with a sculpture unit they were exploring in art class.

Students were asked the question “Where do artists get ideas?” They examined the work of two women artists who approach art-making from different inquiries. Cybéle Young takes everyday “lost objects” and through deconstruction and repetition, creates fantastical forms that re-present the original objects. Masako Miki produces large scale felted anthropomorphic sculptures that reference ancestor spirits, offering a view through the lens of Buddhist and Shinto traditions.

Drawing inspiration from the creative processes of both artists, students are creating original sculptures in preparation for a group exhibit that will be displayed in the PHS Annual Art Show on May 16th.