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8th Grade Spanish

  1. Follows instructions delivered in Spanish
  2. Asks and responds to questions in Spanish
  3. Correctly uses new vocabulary words and recognizes cognates
  4. Correctly conjugates regular –ar, -er, and –ir verbs in present tense
  5. Correctly conjugates regular –ar, -er, and –ir verbs in past tense
  6. Correctly uses future expressions using the infinitive
  7. Identifies main ideas in Spanish literature, songs, and articles
  8. Demonstrates an understanding of the distinctions between ser and estar, and saber and conocer
  9. Consistently demonstrates an understanding of Tú versus Usted
  10. Produces the correct conjugation for irregular verbs introduced
  11. Understands the use of personal pronouns and indirect and direct object pronouns
  12. Utilizes discursive connectors in long stories
  13. Successfully completes projects, assignments and class activities
  14. Shows openness to exploring a culture other than one’s own