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Board of Trustees

In the mid-1940s, three decades after its founding, Presidio Hill School was constituted as a nonprofit membership corporation governed by a parent/guardian-led board of trustees.

The corporation is composed of all parents/guardians of current students, the Head of School, and full-time faculty and staff. The corporation elects the board of trustees, whose primary responsibilities include: safeguarding the school's mission; overseeing its annual finances; planning for its long-term development and sustainability; selecting, evaluating, and supporting the Head of School; and helping to lead fundraising efforts. Trustees include current parents, the Head of School, staff members, alumni and alumni parents, and individuals drawn from the community at large.

The Presidio Hill School Board of Trustees does much of its work in committees and meets as a full board roughly once a month between September and June. For more information about individual board members, go to the Trustees page.

Board Responsibilities

Board responsibilities include:

  • Upholding and safeguarding the school’s mission
  • Selecting, evaluating and supporting the Head of School
  • Assessing the performance of the school
  • Overseeing the school’s financial condition
  • Monitoring facility uses and needs
  • Contributing to the school’s fundraising efforts
  • Supporting the school’s programs and special events
  • Serving as ambassadors for the school in the larger community
  • Undertaking long-range planning to ensure the school’s financial and programmatic health and sustainability

Board Committees

The standing committees of the board include: Executive, Finance, Development, Equity and Inclusion, Trustees.

Additional committees, subcommittees and task forces are formed on an as-needed basis; in the recent past these have included: the Long Range Planning Task Force, the Communications Task Force and the Building and Grounds Committee.

2022-2023 Board of Trustees

Noah Berland, Board Co-Chair
• Nicole Lavallee, Board Co-Chair
Seema Dala, Vice Chair
Michelle Chan, Secretary
Brandon Cherry, Treasurer

Susan Andrews, Former Head of School
Ann Balajadia, Trustee
Bill Cahan, Trustee
Todd Darling, Treasurer
Ed Dollard, Trustee
Amos Elliston, Trustee
Wendy Horng Brawer, Community Member
Lisa Jeli, Head of School
Sean Joyce, Trustee
Dallas Kashuba, Trustee
Catherine Lee, Trustee
Lina Lenberg, Faculty Representative
Kristel Leow, Trustee
Jonathan Maguire, Trustee
Linda Peters, Trustee
Shaban Shakoori, Trustee
Cal Taylor, Faculty Representative
Audrey Yee, Alum Parent