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Center For Progressive Education

The Center for Progressive Education at Presidio Hill School, which opened in the fall of 2015, is building on the school’s century-long legacy of progressive education to strengthen and expand the community dedicated to its philosophy and practices.

The CPE@PHS has several overlapping goals:

  • To serve as the hub for information sharing and discussion regarding progressive education philosophy and practice among local Bay Area and West Coast educational institutions
  • To partner with like-minded educators in order to learn from each other and expand the depth and reach of progressive practices
  • To develop and administer a teacher apprentice program at Presidio Hill School to provide novice teachers training and hands-on experience with progressive education philosophy and practices.
  • To support the mission and vision of the Progressive Education Network of which the CPE is a regional affiliate.

The Presidio Hill School apprentice teacher program: 

Presidio Hill School has developed an apprentice teacher program in collaboration with the University of San Francisco (USF) School of Education. Apprentices are Master’s level and credential students at USF, who spend two years attending classes to learn the theoretical aspects of good teaching while at the same time working in a Presidio Hill classroom with a mentor teacher in order to learn the practical aspects of implementing progressive practices. Graduates of the program will go on to teach in schools both public and private in the Bay Area and beyond. Please see the video below to hear more about the Presidio Hill School/ University of San Francisco Apprentice Teacher Program: 

If you are intrigued by the work we are doing and have set out before us, we welcome your interest and support. Please visit us at to learn more.


The mission of the Center for Progressive Education at Presidio Hill School is to develop, sustain, and champion excellence in teaching and learning grounded in the philosophy and practices of progressive education. 

In the service of this mission, the center is committed to:

  • develop expertise in progressive education principles and practices among educators both within and beyond the walls of the school.
  • collaborate with like-minded educators throughout the community to learn from each other’s experiences implementing progressive education methods.
  • disseminate best practices to the widest possible audience so as to support excellence in teaching and learning and to help inform the public of the value of progressive education in this effort.