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8th grade class photo

Congratulations to the 8th grade graduates - our PHS Class of 2022!

Our incredible students leave PHS well-prepared for new learning opportunities, memories, and friendships. This Class of 2022 is moving on to many great high schools, spreading the spirit of Presidio Hill School across the city and beyond; the class will represent PHS exceedingly well, will always be a part of PHS, and will always be loved and welcomed here. 

classroom work samples

This year, the 4th grade students chose a person to profile who had used their voice to make a positive change in the world through climate activism. 

students in a group volunteering

Recently the PHS Middle School Social Justice Club volunteered at St. Anthony's in the Tenderloin to support our local community. Some of the students served food and bussed tables in the dining hall, while others organized clothes and folded socks in the free clothing store.

rainbow art

It is day four of distance learning over here at Presidio Hill School and students, teachers, and families are getting into the swing of our new routine! Our transitional kindergarten students have been learning new ways to say hello during morning meeting (konichiwa!), second grade students have started a “fitness friday” routine, and middle school students have easily transitioned to using Google Classroom and are having a wonderful time connecting with their teachers on Zoom!