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Mission & Core Values

Presidio Hill School has been true to its values for almost a century. The mission statement below is modeled on a set of aims for children originally written in the early 1930s.

Its style mirrors the way we work with children, keeping them at the center of the educational enterprise. Why not a mission that begins with happy children and ends with a lifelong love of learning?

Presidio Hill School Mission

When we ask ourselves what we want for our children, we may reply:

  • A school in which our children will be happy
  • Teachers who call forth their capacity to imagine, inquire and care
  • The company of students who advocate for themselves and others
  • A curriculum of integrated academics that inspires curiosity, critical thinking, cooperative learning and global stewardship
  • A place where the companionship of their peers fosters community life and helps each carry a just share of the responsibility within and beyond the walls of the school
  • Caring connections throughout the fabric of community life that ensure all children are known and appreciated for their unique traits
  • An environment where progress is measured not only by personal success but also by the success of all
  • A school that mirrors and embraces the mosaic that is San Francisco
  • A place where children permanently fall in love with learning

Presidio Hill School Core Values

Presidio Hill long ago established core values that continue to guide our work with children. These values include:

  • A child-centered educational approach designed to engage every child
  • A creative and integrated curriculum designed by dedicated professionals
  • The teaching of fine arts and the use of the arts in the classroom as integral to the learning experience
  • Using the city and surrounding environment as an extended classroom
  • Providing opportunities for cross-age interactions
  • Open communication throughout the community in the spirit of mutual respect
  • Instilling the joy of learning throughout the school experience
  • A commitment to environmental sustainability in the curriculum and the operations of the school, with a special emphasis on our neighbor, the Presidio
  • Assessment practices that are authentic, valid and involve students in order to further learning
  • Giving back to the community through service learning projects
  • Helping each child to find his or her own voice and nurturing the confidence to use that voice creatively and compassionately