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Mission & Core Values

Presidio Hill School has been true to its values for over a century. The mission statement below draws on a foundation created by previous mission statements and describes our purpose, identifies what we hope for our students and families, and defines progressive education at PHS. 

Presidio Hill School Mission

Dedicated to progressive education since 1918, Presidio Hill School challenges young people to imagine, inquire, and create. Our students engage San Francisco and The Presidio as an extended classroom and become empowered learners who are responsible, committed to justice, and optimistic about the future.



Presidio Hill School Core Values (our ABC'S)

five girls hugging and smiling together on a bench

The Presidio Hill School ABC'S are the school's guiding principles and inform curriculum, social-emotional learning, and interpersonal interactions: 

All are Welcome
We believe in equity, diversity, inclusion, justice, and belonging
We believe in the dignity of every person
We respect each person’s right to be themselves
We treat all people fairly, safely, and with respect 

Be Curious and Engaged
We are fully present and prepared
We approach our learning with a beginner’s mind
We are on topic and on task
We make connections with our learning, with others, and with life
We work well with others while taking ownership of our learning and actions 

Care for Self and Others
We are honest and act with integrity
We show empathy and compassion for others
We look for the good in ourselves and others
We create a safe and brave space for people to share
We respect the established rules and values of our community 

Seek Understanding
We show interest and ask questions
We “try on” and lean into challenges as we seek solutions
We share, listen, and learn from others
We consider intent and impact and notice how we have affected others
We acknowledge, repair, and restore when needed 

Presidio Hill School Land Acknowledgement

As a PHS community, we honor the Traditional Custodians of the unceded land on which we gather, and recognize their connection to land, water, all living creatures, and community. 

Our school is located on the traditional lands of the Ramaytush Ohlone People. 

We pay our respect to their community - past, present, and future.