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Thank you for visiting the website of Presidio Hill School.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the magic that happens at Presidio Hill School, a proud progressive school in operation since 1918. Being situated at the edge of the Presidio provides abundant opportunity for our students to be outdoors and to learn by doing in one of the country’s most beautiful national parks. We will try on this page to give you a sense of what Presidio Hill School is about -- beyond the numbers and stats. 

At Presidio Hill School, our idea of progressive education is rooted in three interrelated, guiding philosophies. First, that children learn best when their ideas are taken seriously and when their creative capacities are ignited; second, that education has a specific purpose of providing children with skills, tools, and competencies to move the world toward ideals of equity and justice; and third, that an optimally challenging and engaging education is organized around complex questions, issues, and projects that connect subject areas and allow children to grapple through a variety of methodologies.

With dedicated teachers as their guides, Presidio Hill students take enormous pleasure in a curriculum that is designed to engage all aspects of their development from their intellectual, creative, and artistic sides to their physical, emotional and social sides. Working with concrete materials in the classroom and in the city around them, Presidio Hill students are able to build their own knowledge using the teacher's help in focusing and organizing their thinking. These tactile experiences help children develop age-appropriate models of the world, which will continue to be refined and deepened as children move towards abstract thinking in the older grades.

There is a kindness at Presidio Hill School that is fundamental to how folks at our school treat one another. In our experience, when this is the prominent ethos, key capacities of emotional intelligence in children arise organically: the capacity to be present, to listen, to focus, and to connect.

With all this said, we can tell you that what matters most is our love for our students and our approach to developing their minds, bodies, and spirits. We invite you to visit our history page for more background information on progressive education and our deep ties to this movement and educational philosophy. While we hope this virtual view gives you a clear and inviting sense of Presidio Hill School, please do come visit our classrooms and our campus. Learning starts with first-hand experience, and so should choosing a school for your child. We hope to see you at Presidio Hill -- we’re working hard and having fun!