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Presidio Hill School students and graduates are known for their critical thinking, their creativity, their desire for deeper understanding, their knowledge of their own voices, and their ability to make connections.  

The deep learning that is characteristic of a Presidio Hill education requires engagement on the part of the learner. Engagement occurs when students have an interest in what they are studying and can see their learning in meaningful contexts. Inspired teachers hold the key to student inspiration and engagement. The tasks and methodologies used by Presidio Hill teachers to reach these ends are many. Among them are varied activity groupings—as individuals, small groups, and entire classes—which have a profound effect on student engagement and performance. So do authentic assessment techniques and multiple avenues for exploring subjects.

Students leave Presidio Hill ready for the finest high schools in San Francisco and beyond. We are proud of these high school placements, and we think beyond them to the adults our students become. The results are clear: Presidio Hill graduates continue to be avid learners as well as creative and constructive citizens within their communities.