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Visual Arts

Visual Arts

The visual arts curriculum at Presidio Hill presents opportunities for students to explore many different methods and materials of art and allows space and freedom for students to deeply connect to the creative process. Some lessons are technique based and teach a new skill, concept or style, which is integrated and practiced through a hands-on project. Others introduce students to relevant art movements, art inspired by ethnic or cultural traditions, or art based largely on personal expression. In all cases, students are encouraged to find their own interpretation and experiment with new ideas and materials.

In Lower School art, students learn the fundamentals of color, line, form, texture and pattern within two- and three-dimensional media. Age-appropriate techniques are taught, while students learn new ways to observe, explore and problem solve with a variety of media. Collaboration with the classroom teacher is a vital part of the program and extends and deepens the experience of learning on all fronts.

In higher elementary and Middle School art, this program builds upon the creative and technical skills the students have learned in their beginning elementary art years. Students further their understanding of the principles of design, painting and drawing and continue to explore three-dimensional materials. Group critique becomes an important extension of the art process, and students learn not only how to make art, but to examine, self-reflect and share their artistic vision.

At Presidio Hill, we teach students that to feel safe taking artistic risks, all members of a class must equally participate in fostering a nurturing environment. Students learn to talk about their art in supportive ways, and engage in creative collaboration and teamwork. Artists learn to not only expect differences in the work of any given classmate, but to appreciate the individuality that makes each artist see the world differently.


Sarah Myers
TK-8 Art Teacher