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Authentic Assessment

At Presidio Hill School, we believe that the purpose of assessment is to propel further growth. Teachers and students alike collect, evaluate and share information in order to guide decisions about the path of future teaching and learning.

These ideas are at the heart of the authentic assessment approach used throughout the Presidio Hill program. So what do we mean when we say authentic assessment? We mean assessment techniques guided by specific criteria.

At Presidio Hill, we also believe students' progress and development should be measured against educational criteria rather than the work of their peers. Teachers create these criteria, or benchmarks based on their knowledge of the developmental stages of childhood, as well as national and regional standards. They then report to parents the student's progress relative to those benchmarks.

This, in effect, means that all students can experience success and enjoy continued learning. 

From the “gratitude portraits” that first graders paint in their art class to the collaborative, weight-bearing structures that second and fifth grade buddy teams work on together, it is evident that children at PHS adore their school. Current PHS community member