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Curriculum & Benchmarks

As is true of all truly progressive schools, curriculum and curriculum creation is a living, breathing thing at Presidio Hill.

While teachers keep a close watch on the skills and benchmarks we expect students to reach at the end of each year, they also stay current with professionally published standards and material for various subjects. Our teachers are continually making curricular decisions and innovations based on those resources. Of equal importance is continual awareness of the moment-to-moment experiences of the students in front of them: what are the students’ needs and interests? What questions are they asking? What are they telling adults that they need and want to know? A hallmark of a progressive school such as ours is the ability to seize and savor many more “teachable moments” than is true in traditional schools and to leverage situations on the school, local, national, and international levels as learning opportunities.

Benchmarks represent the skills and concepts that students are expected to have learned by the end of the year for each grade level.

Learning is demonstrated through a variety of means including but not limited to projects, group work, performances, classroom discussions, journals, portfolios, and traditional assessments, such as end of unit tests, quizzes and papers. These are criterion-referenced assessments; students are not compared to one another, but rather their work is compared to the criteria stated in each benchmark. These benchmarks were created through a process involving all teachers, and are reviewed and updated periodically.

Click below the read the benchmarks for a particular grade.

Presidio Hill School Benchmarks