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As is true of all truly progressive schools, curriculum and curriculum creation is a living, breathing thing at Presidio Hill.

While teachers keep a close watch on the skills and benchmarks we expect students to reach at the end of each year, they also stay current with professionally published standards and material for various subjects. Our teachers are continually making curricular decisions and innovations based on those resources. Of equal importance is continual awareness of the moment-to-moment experiences of the students in front of them: what are the students’ needs and interests? What questions are they asking? What are they telling adults that they need and want to know? A hallmark of a progressive school such as ours is the ability to seize and savor many more “teachable moments” than is true in traditional schools and to leverage situations on the school, local, national, and international levels as learning opportunities.

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It’s essential that our entire academic program form a continuous, cohesive experience for students as they go through the grades at PHS. To ensure a sense of continuity among the grades, we often explore educational programs and published curricula together as a group of faculty before determining which materials and/or approaches to use school wide or in lower or middle school. Once a program or text is selected, each teacher uses and implements it in the way that best fits the needs of his or her students that year. 

This process is cyclical and ongoing, and we periodically revise, asking questions such as: How is this aspect of our curriculum benefitting our students? Is our program in this subject area building logically from lower grades to middle school? Is this relevant? What are the implications for students to learn about social justice and activism? Below you will see a current Scope & Sequence, which is gives a broad overview of the curriculum from TK through 8th grade. It is by no means exhaustive and is periodically re-examined and revised as we continually strive to improve and update our programs.