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Environmental Education

Through the integration of science, technology, and the arts, we intentionally foster a sense of appreciation for San Francisco and our planet. The Presidio National Park is the foundation for our outdoor education program.

Lower School

Stewardship in our younger grades is founded on the idea that before being introduced to larger environmental issues, kids need to regularly investigate, explore, and discover their surroundings. Students in all grades formally and informally venture into the Presidio National Park, rain and shine. Whether building forts in a redwood forest, sliding down sand dunes, exploring willow trees, or collecting organisms in El Polin Creek, our students are encouraged to enjoy the wonders, weather, and mysteries of these wild urban habitats, helping to cultivate personal, safe relationships with nature. 

Middle School

Our middle school environmental science program is rooted in immersing out students in real science.









Our 100-minute field-research labs allow students to conduct on-going long term monitoring projects, collect meaningful local data, and compare and contrast ecosystem functions. Observing these ever-changing habitats teaches our students to formulate questions about our earth and climate systems. Our students critically think about and experience the affects of seasonal change.

The San Francisco Bay is one of the most biologically rich habitats on the planet. Our campus boarders the 14,800 acre Presidio National Park and is easily walkable for all of our students. 

Our outdoor classrooms include a 100-year old eucalyptus forest, an intact watershed, 3 wetlands, a natural spring, a freshwater lake, intertidal beaches, and a coastal redwood grove with over a 100 trees. Our students are lucky to conduct real place-based ecology, often alongside Presidio Biologists, in a globally recognized urban sanctuary. Learning about the phenological phases of our planet helps our students build a connection to place and enables them to optimistically grow into global citizens who act as stewards of our planet.


5th grade collecting Dragonfly Larva in our local wetland

7th grade studying old growth redwood trees