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Lower School

Welcome to Presidio Hill School's Lower School, where caring and talented teachers guide students on an exciting journey of discovery.  

At all grade levels, the Lower School program is designed to engage students in their own learning. Classroom activities are fun and collaborative and encourage each student's natural curiosity. A project-based curriculum nurtures a love of learning in students and emphasizes the value of exploration and discovery.

Teachers encourage students to explore subjects that interest them. Curriculum is designed to allow students to build and master skills appropriate for their developmental level, and in keeping with established benchmarks. The pages in this part of the website provide examples of featured projects taking place at each grade level, projects that exemplify the hands-on, and integrated curriculum found at Presidio Hill.

The Lower School is comprised of children in Transitional Kindergarten (TK) through fifth grade. There is one section per grade. Transitional Kindergarten enrolls up to 10–12 students; Kindergarten through fifth grade expands to 18–22 students with two teachers. Please explore the grade level, Spanish, and physical education pages in this part of the website for more information about what Presidio Hill has to offer your child. Also, visit the arts section to learn about the music and art programs.

School day

  • Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten (K)- 9:00am-2:45pm
  • Grades 1 & 2- 8:30am-2:55pm
  • Grade 3- 8:30am-3:05pm
  • Grades 4 & 5- 8:30am-3:10pm
    *Wednesday is early dismissal - all dismissal times are 1 hour earlier

Before School Care- 7:45am-9:00am
After School Care*- 2:45pm-6:00pm
*There is a fee for after-school care.
**Wednesday is early dismissal - after-school care begins 1 hour earlier

Homework expectations

Research indicates that there is generally a positive correlation between homework and academic achievement. There also seems to be an optimal amount of homework, with both too little and too much having less of an impact.

At Presidio Hill School, we attempt to come as close to that optimal amount as possible. If done properly, homework can be an important part of the learning experience. It expands the learning environment and extends learning time. It creates habits of self-discipline and organization while teaching independence and responsibility. It allows for those students who require more time to complete their work, giving them an opportunity to do their best. It gives students a chance to apply, practice and extend skills learned in class. Homework also offers parents a window into their child’s studies at school and how well he or she has mastered the assigned material.