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Second Grade Feature: The Passion Project

What is your passion? How can you share your learning with others?

In the spring, second graders explore a topic of personal interest. The Passion Project launches with students brainstorming possible topics and questions they have about their passions. Once a topic is chosen, students are taught how to be researchers both with print and digital resources. After research is complete, students are encouraged to think about how they want to share their learning with others. A student who likes to build might create a model. A student who loves to write might write a book. Students who are artists might create a visual piece. Students who want to “try on” technology can create a video with iMovie or a slideshow that teaches others about their passion. This project integrates essential reading comprehension skills, note-taking skills and nonfiction writing skills. This project is also supported by our art, music and media specialists to help students bring their creative ideas to life. The project concludes with a Celebration of Learning. Parents and other Lower School students come to view the projects, and the second graders get to be experts in their field and share their passions with others.