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Third Grade Feature: Shakespeare

Third graders embark on a year-long learning experience about William Shakespeare.

During the fall, students read Shakespeare’s biography and learn about life during Elizabethan England. They also begin to familiarize themselves with the different Shakespearean genres and language.

During the winter, the third graders continue to immerse themselves in the work of Shakespeare. They read a variety of plays in small groups and keep a reading log about themes, character development and reading skills. They share the synopses of their assigned plays with other groups and discuss with their classmates. Then each student picks a scene they have read and the teacher combines them into a play.

In the spring, students audition for their roles and begin practicing their lines for the play. The majority of the time is spent preparing for the performance at the end of the year. The students work together to create scenery, props and costumes. Through this experience, the students learn the value of accountability, responsibility and working together as a group.