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TK Feature: Market

Each year the Transitional Kindergarten (TK) class studies food and farms and devises a community event to present in the spring. In past years, TK students ate their way through a food and nutrition unit that ended with a very special market.

In-class cooking workshops and other activities allow students to explore a variety of food samples, including bread, pizza, cookies, fruit, vegetables, nuts, chocolate, cereals and grains. To learn more about these foods, students are read nonfiction and fiction stories, visit Hidden Villa Farm in Los Altos Hills, and visit local markets. Cooking projects involve students in accurate measurement—how to level off a teaspoon, measure a cup of milk, eyeball a touch of cinnamon—and also hand strengthening activities involving stirring, mixing and kneading.

The food unit culminates with the TK Market. Together with the help from a buddy class, such as the fifth grade or second grade, TK students brainstorm possible farmer's market items, make posters promoting the market, and get pointers from the older students on how to serve customers. Families are asked to either make something with their children for the market, such as a favorite dish, or go to a farmer's market or other markets to select food for the event. Students are encouraged to make a sign listing the ingredients, source and origin of the food items they contribute to the TK Market. The market then hosts Presidio Hill students, teachers and administrators, who not only get to sample the food, but are also encouraged to make a canned-food donation that will go to the San Francisco Food Bank.

This fun project is a big hit with the “customers” who enjoy the variety of food offered, as well as the TK “vendors” who serve as the gracious hosts.