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Middle School

Welcome to the Middle School at Presidio Hill, where students are challenged to build their skills, explore their identities, and continue their journey of learning.


Students in the Presidio Hill Middle School enjoy an integrated and hands-on curriculum, enriched by field trips and other experiential learning opportunities. Through independent and group project work and ever-expanding experiences with the world around them, students grow in their academic and social abilities, as their confidence and self-awareness increase. Independence, critical thinking, and creative problem solving are all hallmarks of Presidio Hill middle schoolers.


The Middle School is comprised of students in grades six through eight. Beginning in sixth grade, class size expands to allow for two sections of approximately 16 students per class. Students enjoy a daily advisory program, electives, life skills classes, service learning, clubs, athletics and other enriching programs. Presidio Hill helps students and their families prepare for the high school admissions process with a comprehensive high school placement program as well as thorough SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) training.  

Please explore the grade-level and other program pages in this part of the website to learn more about what Presidio Hill has to offer Middle School students.

School day

Grades 6, 7 & 8


Before School Care


After-School Care*


*There is a fee for after-school care.

Homework expectations


Research indicates that there is generally a positive correlation between homework and academic achievement. There also seems to be an optimal amount of homework, with both too little and too much having less of an impact.


At Presidio Hill School, we attempt to come as close to that optimal amount as possible. If done properly, homework can be an important part of the learning experience. It expands the learning environment and extends learning time. It creates habits of self-discipline and organization while teaching independence and responsibility. It allows for those students who require more time to complete their work, giving them an opportunity to do their best. It gives students a chance to apply, practice and build on the skills learned in class. Homework also offers parents a window into their child’s studies at school, and how well he or she has mastered the assigned material.

Sixth Grade

In sixth grade, students should expect an average of an hour of homework per night. This work will be designed to check for understanding of material, inform curriculum and prepare students for activities and discussions during the class period. Sixth grade teachers will be in communication about due dates for larger projects to ensure students are not overwhelmed. Teachers will also work closely with students to help them budget their time and break down larger projects into manageable pieces.

Seventh Grade

By the time students reach seventh grade, we aim to provide an average of 70 minutes a night across all Middle School subjects. Because this figure is variable, teachers coordinate due dates for larger assignments so that no one has too much due at the same time. Homework will always be meaningful, and meant to reinforce concepts covered in class, prepare for discussions, provide adequate practice where necessary, and complete long-term projects or assignments that range over a few class periods.

Eighth Grade

Eighth graders at PHS can expect between 75 and 90 minutes of homework per night. Homework includes everything from short daily assignments, which stress practice of skills learned in class, to research and completion of components for long-term projects. Students are expected to record and maintain due dates for their short- and long-term homework assignments in their homework planners. Additionally, students can access assignment information online.