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Eight Grade Math: Connected Mathematics Project 3, Year 3

Presidio Hill School eighth graders conquer the third course in the third generation of Michigan State University’s Middle School Connected Math Project.

Students are challenged to think critically, justify their reasoning mathematically, apply skills from across content areas, solve interesting and challenging real-world problems, model mathematically and develop their ability to think/communicate algebraically/abstractly. Students develop the ability to explore and represent their world using mathematical tools. Students gain confidence as problem solvers while taking on and preparing for increasingly complex, authentic problem-solving challenges. Students supplement their mathematical experiences by participating in ALEKS, an independent online mathematics curriculum that is self-paced, and that strategically targets the skills each student is ready and able to learn.

Students engage in daily investigations that require them to explore, make and test conjectures, generalize, and apply their conjectures/generalizations. Students collect, organize and analyze sets of data and create mathematical models that represent the relationships observed in the data they collect and create. Students hone skills required to represent the world around them symbolically in the forms of verbal descriptions, tables of values, graphs, geometry and equations.

Students use their eight mathematical practices/standards to make sense of the world around them. Their investigations and explorations challenge them to identify and describe linear relationships, inverse variations, exponential functions, quadratic phenomena and rational functions occurring in an impressive variety of situations and contexts. They develop the ability to talk about, document, represent, model and apply these relationships as they discover, explore and create.