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Sixth Grade Humanities: Where I'm From

Sixth grade is a year of change for students at Presidio Hill School.

Those continuing on from fifth grade are adjusting to the freedom and responsibility that comes with Middle School life while welcoming a number of new peers. The new students are working to become comfortable in a new environment while simultaneously dealing with new social and academic challenges. To make this transition as smoothly and gracefully as possible, the class begins the year with a unit on community and identity.  

During this course of study, students introduce themselves to the new community through poetry. We write “Where I’m From” poems that speak of one’s home place and what it means to them. We explore through the five senses and use descriptive and figurative language to make these home places come alive for the class and for the school. Students create posters that decorate our halls early in the year, so all those passing can get to know the new sixth grade a bit better.

Once this work has been shared, we have become a community and students have learned how to maintain their own individuality while also feeling comfortable being part of a larger group. This work lays the foundation for a healthy classroom dynamic and creates a lens for us to think about how others tell their stories and how we look at other communities in the world.