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Why Presidio Hill?

Established in 1918, Presidio Hill School has a rich and unique history in San Francisco. For more than 100 years the school has been providing generations of children with a progressive education. Educational trends may come and go, but Presidio Hill continues to hold fast to its founding principles, offering students an engaging, relevant and empowering education.  

A challenging, project-based and well-balanced curriculum teaches students to be critical and independent thinkers engaged in their own learning.

Learning is collaborative and active. Guided by an expert and caring faculty, students are inspired to both ask and answer the important questions, to be creative problem solvers, to be curious and confident.

The vibrant, diverse and supportive community of faculty, students, parents/guardians and staff allows students to explore their unique voices, traits and talents. Each voice is honored, valued and respected. Children learn to advocate for themselves and others.

With an emphasis on the value of community and service, Presidio Hill helps students to develop self-awareness, resiliency, personal character, and an understanding of their roles as stewards of the planet and citizens of the world.

Progressive vs. Traditional approaches to education:

"Kindling of a flame" model
Higher level thinking
Active, engaged learning
Inquiry, divergent
Student/teacher dialogues
Focus on process
Emotional, social, and academic focus 
"Filling of a vessel" model
Reliance on textbooks
Teacher-driven classrooms
Focus on product
Competitive environment


Director of admission

quynh Nguyen
Admission associate

The community at PHS is very kind and welcoming and, even though I was a new student, the first day of school everyone treated me like I had known them and they had known me since TK.Annabel, Class of 2020