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All School Abstract Art Collaboration!

Friday, September 18, 2020

Presidio Hill School Kindergarten students are learning about and creating collages inspired by the art of Howardena Pindell. Pindell contributed meaningfully to the art world both through her paintings and her position as the first black woman curator at the MOMA in New York. As curator, Pindell worked to uncover the injustice and lack of representation of Black artists at the museum, while simultaneously experiencing these injustices and struggling to have her own work exhibited as a Black female visual artist. 

In Kindergarten, students learned about the term "abstract art" and played with various materials to create different multiple painted surfaces (all art supplies were shared in our PHS dragon chests at the beginning of the year!) We were then able to cut out different sized circles from our painting experiments and reassemble them into a collage that explores repetition and pattern.

This project is a school-wide collaboration and will be explored by all grades. We will collect an art piece from each of our students to assemble into a large group collage which will be displayed on the PHS campus.