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Presidio Hill School alumni are the custodians of the school’s history, invaluable contributors to the school’s future, and ambassadors to the world at large. No matter how long ago you graduated or how far away you live, you will always be deeply rooted to PHS. 

Presidio Hill alumni are an integral part of the PHS community. Through events and volunteer opportunities, we encourage our alumni to reconnect with PHS and become a part of this community.

The Events Calendar includes a variety of events and activities that will appeal to alumni young and old, those with children and those without, social butterflies and wallflowers, and lifelong learners. Also within the Alumni section of the website, you’ll find information on volunteer opportunities, recent news and publications, networking and job search resources, and details on supporting your alma mater and future generations of PHS students. 

PHS has been fulfilling its mission to provide the best progressive education to its students since 1918. Our alumni are a part of PHS’s extraordinary history and its inspiring future. 

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Adrienne Moon
Director of Development

Niharika Patel
Development Manager