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Presidio Hill School emphasizes the belief that students should be awarded the opportunity to compete athletically and build physical skills throughout each season.

The athletics program offers a variety of athletic opportunities for students in grades 6–8. Our goal is to provide students with many opportunities to explore sports, increase their athletic knowledge, and develop important skills all while enjoying being active and part of a team.

Our teams participate in the San Francisco Athletic League, which includes schools similar in size to Presidio Hill. Our Middle School students participate in four sports each year. In the fall, students can compete in cross-country and co-ed volleyball; in the winter, basketball; and in the spring, futsal.  

Presidio Hill School Athletics emphasize the non-gendered concept of sportspersonship and understand how to be supportive and accepting of teammates and competitors. Coaches, parents and players are expected to model teamwork and good sportpersonship to all Presidio Hill players and parents, as well as to opposing players, parents and coaches. The goal is to have fun and develop skills in a supportive atmosphere.

While competition is a healthy characteristic we encourage in our teams, we do not put winning ahead of developing as a team and working together. Although not always possible, Presidio Hill School  strives to have no student left standing on the sidelines or sitting on the bench for the entire game.  All players should be able to hold their heads high and shake their opponents' hands following every game.  Go Dragons!