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After School Enrichment

The After-School Enrichment Program (AEP) provides extended care, childcare, camp and enrichment class opportunities to Presidio Hill School families.

The Neighborhood

The extended day after-school program is known as “The Neighborhood." The Neighborhood is open to all students TK–8. The program is available from dismissal until 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. The Neighborhood is divided into two age groups, TK–2nd grade and 3rd–8th grade, with opportunities for mixed-group activities and play. During Neighborhood, students are provided with a light snack, outdoor and indoor play time, and structured activities. Students in grades 3–8 also have 30 minutes of academic time for homework and study.

Enrichment classes

Enrichment classes are the second component of the after-school program. Exciting and engaging classes are offered over three 8–10 week sessions in the fall, winter and spring. There are classes available for students in all grades encompassing a range of activities from chess and pottery to cooking and martial arts.

Childcare for Presidio Hill School meetings

Evening childcare is available for the twice-annual All School Meetings (“corporation meetings”) and for some other evening events by advance reservation only at no cost. The staff sponsor for other meetings will notify the community if childcare is available. Please make note that drop-ins will not be allowed. Childcare may be canceled due to insufficient enrollment. Please note that childcare can only be provided for enrolled students, not for other siblings or friends.

Childcare Days 

Childcare is often available for lower school students on days when regular classes are not in session, as indicated on the annual calendar. On these dates, all-day childcare is available from 9am until 5pm at a rate of $100 per day. AM (8:00-9:00 a.m.) and PM (3:00-5:00 p.m.) extended care are available for additional fees. Childcare is contingent upon a minimum enrollment and by advance reservation only.

Dragon Camps 

Five separate camp weeks (ranging from 1–5 days each) are offered for lower school during the year: Summer Camps (3 camp weeks in August), February Camp, and Spring Camp (April). Camp hours are 9am until 5pm at a rate of $100 per day. AM (8:00-9:00 a.m.) and PM (3:00-5:00 p.m.) extended care are available for additional fees. Camps are contingent upon a minimum enrollment. Space is limited and is available by advance reservation only. Additional small field trip fees may apply. 

Please note: The Summer Camp is not available to new TK or K students, only to returning PHS students moving from TK to K. Participation in the Summer Camp for new students entering 1st through 5th grades will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to ensure the best possible start to the school year in the new school setting. 

Specialty camps (that are provided by outside personnel/programs), such as SSAT practice camp, may take place on the PHS campus. These camps may have fees and other costs that are not at the same rates as our basic childcare, after-school, and camp days fees. In addition, PHS sometimes offers its own specialty camps, such as music/band camps and those fees are typically greater than our standard camp fees. 
* There is limited availability on childcare and camp days so it is important to reserve a spot for your child.


Our PHS Kindergarten After-School Ninja Stars in action!


Kim Ying Walsh
Director of After-school and Auxiliary Programs