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Lower School Gardening

We hope to inspire our students to try growing their own fresh fruits and vegetables. Through our cross-grade mentoring program we grow as many different food crops as we can. Digging and planting activities have become vehicles of opportunity for our older students to build relationships with the younger gardeners in our community. Exposing students to garden ecosystems, tomatoes, bees, and soil organisms nurtures inherent curiosity and wonder for the natural world.

 Rooftop Demonstration Garden

The rooftop garden is an extension of the third-floor science lab on the north side of campus. The first planting was in the fall of 2002 and has grown into an integral part of the PHS experience. The demonstration garden purposely showcases sustainable growing methods that students and the community can easily learn from. In the last few years, student project contributions include, an edible green roof model, a rain harvest system, reclaimed redwood raised beds, and hoop greenhouses. An emphasis on involving students in the design process promotes community stewardship and agency. 

We are deeply grateful to the founders who have helped make this unique outdoor classroom and urban garden possible - our students benefit from it everyday.