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Gardening at PHS

Gardening Encourages Community at PHS

Digging, planting, and tasting activities encourage our students to celebrate gardening together. Growing beans, observing bees, flowers, and soil organisms, exposes students to the mysteries of garden ecosystems and nurtures their curiosity for the natural world. Working together, eating healthy, caring for our community, and risk-taking through soil investigations are all foundations of our garden curriculum. At PHS, gardening is learner centered, gardening is fun, and importantly, connects our students to seasonal change, plants and animals.

This year we are again, growing Row 7 Seeds vegetables. Row 7 Seeds passion for healthy organic food, exclusive use of non-GMO seed stock, and years of expertise, have inspired our school in adopting many of the Row 7 Seed lines as seasonal crops for our students.

Kindergartners farming in the rain on the rooftop garden

During each garden visit, whether we are watering vegetables with rainwater, feeding our worm farm with lunch food scraps, or tasting kale, students are immersed in the gardening experience. We are deeply grateful to the founders who have helped make this outdoor classroom and urban garden possible. Our students benefit from it every day.