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Presidio Hill School Faculty & Staff Endowment

The Presidio Hill School Faculty & Staff Endowment 


We are proud to offer a transformative education here at Presidio Hill School. In line with our mission, our students become empowered learners who are responsible, committed to justice, and optimistic about the future. And, in order for this outcome to be realized, we know that our faculty and staff are and must remain at the center of our students’ educational journeys-—they make an impact that lasts a lifetime. It is with this sentiment that we are proud to announce the PHS Faculty & Staff Endowment, a $1 million fund created with the ultimate goal of supporting faculty and staff retention. We are thrilled to recognize and financially reward the pillars of our community.

The Gift:

In the fall of 2018, Presidio Hill School received an incredible $1,050,000 pledge to supplement faculty/staff salaries with the goal of supporting teacher retention. Upon receipt of the gift, $50,000 was disbursed as a ‘kick-off’ to faculty and staff with the remaining $1million being used as the seed money to establish the PHS Faculty & Staff Endowment.

Because the faculty and staff of PHS will benefit from a continually growing endowment, additional donations to this fund are welcomed and encouraged. This, the school's largest ever donation outside of a capital campaign, speaks directly to the impact that our faculty and staff have on students and families. This incredible gift will help us both retain and continue to attract the best teachers to Presidio Hill School. Not only that, our talented faculty and staff will have greater resources to ensure their longevity at PHS so that they may continue to positively impact our children for years to come.

Inspired to contribute? Please contact Adrienne Moon, Director of Development, at 415-213-8606 for more information.