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Library Apps & Maps from 5th Grade

Friday, February 17, 2017

The fifth-grade students spent much of last semester on a project to introduce our new library to PHS. The goal of the project was to use any tool (either high tech or low tech) to design a way to orient people to the new library and it's sections.

Students proposed ideas for how to create engaging maps and/or make the orientation into a game. Students chose their own tools and partner groupings and spent about three months designing and implementing their design/game. The students had to include labels for sections and introduce the viewer to the library space in some form or another. Projects ranged from physical signs for the library sections, a paper map of the library, library section online memory game, slideshow presentations to Minecraft created libraries, Prezi library game and interior design library tour.


If you are wondering where to find things in the library, take a look at these two finished projects created in two different tech apps- Minecraft and HomeDesign, then recorded and edited using iMovie:HomeDesign, then recorded and edited using iMovie: