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A look into our Kindergarten Class' winter break

Thursday, December 22, 2016

We asked our Kindergarten students about their winter break plans and what they will miss most about PHS during the break. Check out their answers!

What are your plans for the winter break?

Will- my grandma and grandpa are coming to my house for Christmas

Olivia- I am going to Hawaii. I get to open lots of presents because of my sweet family

Benjy- I'm going to North Carolina to see my grandma.

Cualli- I'm going to sleep over my grandpa's house and play video games. (My brother and I) are going to play basketball and we are going to the forest to try to find an owl.

Adam- I am going to Whistler in two days. I'm going skiing and maybe I'm going to go snowboarding.

Lamar- I am going to Disneyland and we are going to have a pool inside (the hotel).

Sam. To go to San Diego for Christmas to visit my cousins and grandparents.

Nina- for Christmas I am staying at my house. But before Christmas, I am going to Hawaii! Tomorrow!

What will you miss most about PHS during your break?

Will- I'm going to miss everyone in the school.

Cualli- I will miss class and singing and my teachers.

Sam- I'll miss foundations... kind of. I'll miss learning

Nina-I will miss work time.