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Lower School Family Groups

Monday, October 21, 2019

Presidio Hill School organizes family groups in lower school to provide additional opportunities for students and faculty to nurture social-emotional learning and connection across grade levels. A cross-section of TK-5 students create each family grouping, and faculty create and implement collaborative activities that explore PHS core values (the ABC'S of PHS). During the family groups, students begin with an icebreaker activity and then begin an interactive lesson.

Some examples of our lessons this year are:
All are welcome- art project about belonging and individuality such as The Colors of Us, self-portraits, puzzle pieces
Be curious and engaged- exploratory trip to the Presidio
Care for self others- mindfulness practice, notes of appreciation, affirmation poems
Seek understanding- role play about how to resolve misunderstandings

At PHS, we are lucky to be small enough to offer many opportunities for cross-grade interaction which strengthens our inclusive and cohesive community of learners and professionals.