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Music Feature: Follies, a Musical Showcase

Follies, a Musical Showcase

Follies began at PHS back in 1975 and, since it's inception, Follies has changed alongside PHS. Formerly held on campus, we now host Follies at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Families, grandparents, alumni, friends, and PHS faculty and staff watch all of our creative and talented students sing, dance, and play musical instruments alongside their peers on stage.

This unique and magical experience gives all students in TK-8th grade the opportunity to share the material they have learned in Music class, in a venue supported by experienced and skilled sound stage professionals. The production showcases our student-centered and culturally diverse music program with students learning and performing music from all over the world. Follies is a beautiful annual tradition that celebrates a personalized-learning music program wherein our students have the chance to learn a variety of instruments, dances, and songs.