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A New Experience!

Friday, March 20, 2020

It is day four of distance learning over here at Presidio Hill School and students, teachers, and families are getting into the swing of our new routine! Our transitional kindergarten students have been learning new ways to say hello during morning meeting (konichiwa!), second grade students have started a “fitness friday” routine with their apprentice teacher, Allison, and middle school students have easily transitioned to using Google Classroom and are having a wonderful time connecting with their teachers on Zoom! 

This experience is unprecedented for PHS--which says a lot, considering we are over 100 years old--but is not unmanageable! We have been adaptable through the tumultuous times in our history, and have learned that our strong community of students, teachers, and families can weather any storm! 

Please check back for a deeper dive into distance learning by grade level next week!