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Overnight Trips at PHS

Experiential Education Beyond Campus 

7th graders - second night camping at 4,000 feet elevation, Yosemite Valley. 

Our program offers a blend of three major elements: outdoor adventure, cultural and natural immersion, and team building. It is our intention to stretch our students physically, mentally and intellectually as they navigate unfamiliar situations that demand risk taking and decision making. Our emergent and ever-evolving program provides students with experiences that broaden their imaginations, spark their curiosity, and help them become more appreciative of each other and our planet.

 5th grade: Angel Island 

In the spring, students ferry over to Angel Island, an uninhabited island in the SF Bay. Students visit the Chinese Immigration Museum, reinforcing concepts of their classroom focus on the Chinese Immigration Act. 

6th Grade: Point Reyes National Seashore 

As an introduction to our middle school experiential education program, the 6th graders spend 3-days & 2-nights immersed in activities structured around local watersheds, organic farming and beach exploring. Team building and community stewardship weave these experiences together. 

7th Grade: Yosemite National Park

During this year's 3-day tent camping trip to Yosemite National Park, students learned how to construct tents, cleaned their own dishes, explored spider caves, hiked up Yosemite Falls, and became immersed in the Miwok Culture who lived in the area for thousands of years.

A mile and half up Yosemite Falls trail

8th Grade: Flexible Destination 

The 8th grade trip is more fluid and flexible in its design and destinations. From whitewater rafting and night kayaking along the Mendocino coast to backpacking, camping, and studying historic cultures in the Presidio National Park, to spending the week snorkeling, camping, and learning about the unique flora and fauna of the Catalina Islands.