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PHS 7th Grade Students at Model Congress!

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Three PHS 7th grade students participated in a Model Congress this weekend. The Model Congress offered middle school students from across San Francisco and the Bay Area a forum for exploring pressing national issues. Students were able to participate as Republican or Democrat members of a House Committee on Immigration and Citizenship or a Senate Voting Rights Committee. Students were given a topic under the purview of their committee, were asked to do research on the topic, and then were asked to debate under their designated political affiliation and committee. The model congress offered students an opportunity to stretch their skills presenting, debating, considering issues from different political views, and collaborating with peers.

Our 7th grade students had a great time meeting students from other Bay Area schools and participating in a larger collaborative process. They said that "it was definitely a fun experience, that they "appreciate the chance to meet people who share [their] interests outside of school", and that the model congress gave them a "respect and appreciation for politicians and the political process". 

The PHS students were honored with awards as a result of their participation in this congress:  
Tony: Best Delegate (the highest award presented!)
Maria: Best Republican Senator
Brody: The Gavel Award

Congrats to our intrepid and inspiring students!