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PHS Alum Andre "Dre" Campbell ‘2012 Named One of San Francisco’s 2021 Heart Sculpture Artists

Thursday, February 25, 2021

PHS alum Andre "Dre" Campbell ‘2012 was recently named one of San Francisco’s 2021 Heart Sculpture Artists and created a heart sculpture titled “Justice” which focused on the Black Lives Matter movement and San Francisco. See his sculpture and information about his life and inspiration below: 


Born and raised in San Francisco, Andre “Dre” Campbell is closely tied to the community. Both his mother and father work at ZSFG – his mother a nurse and his father a trauma surgeon. His parents have spent much of his life saving peoples’ lives and being an inspiration to the city. With the pandemic postponing the recent college graduate’s dreams of playing professional basketball, Dre designed a Heart to express his concerns in a creative space. To him, the Heart is not only a symbol of the city and the program but provides artists an important space for constructive political dialogue. His inspiration for “Justice” is tied to the current political climate and the injustices of minorities.

Dre believes that 2020 has been a remarkably uncomfortable, vulnerable, and concerning year, in which his generation feels scared, worried, and anxious about what is to come. “Justice” focuses on the mistreatment of Black and minority lives. His hope is to bring awareness to what Black Lives Matter stands for. Dre believes in equality and compassion, because no matter skin, religion, gender, or political preference, we are neighbors on the home we call earth.