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PHS Hybrid Learning Model

PHS Hybrid Learning Model

If needed, the PHS hybrid learning model will help serve as a transition period between distance learning and full on-campus learning during which PHS will intentionally incorporate outdoor learning and limited on-campus learning.

The details will depend upon the situation in San Francisco and California, but will follow this basic plan: 
During our hybrid learning model, PHS will offer an alternating three-two, two-three day structure. Students in TK-2nd grade will be prioritized on campus and will spend five days a week on campus or in the Presidio. Students in 3rd-5th grade and middle school will spend alternating full days on campus in two week periods.

The hybrid model is still in draft form and may look very different when we are ready to implement the plan.

Outdoor Learning Elements

Presidio Hill School is incredibly fortunate to be located in close proximity to the Presidio, and to have many meaningful ties between learning in the Presidio and in the classroom. We plan to incorporate outdoor learning elements while we are still following our distance learning model, and it will feature heavily in our hybrid learning model. 

Presidio Hill School is in final negotiations with the Presidio Trust to reserve the Rob Hill Campground to serve as an outdoor classroom home base for our school. We will have the campsite fully to ourselves for two to three days a week and will be able to use the private restrooms, washing stations, and extensive space for safe outdoor learning across multiple grade levels. Additionally, the Presidio Trust will be cleaning and sanitizing the site daily, and PHS will decide upon additional cleaning protocols before we incorporate this element. This is an exciting opportunity for our students and is a thoughtful tie to our history of partnership with the Presidio. We will implement this plan when it is safe to do so and when families and faculty are reasonably comfortable returning to school (on campus or outdoors).