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The Presidio Hill School Buddy Program

Friday, December 1, 2017

Buddy class partnerships are a longstanding tradition at Presidio Hill School. For decades, PHS students have developed cross grade level friendships and engaged in cooperative learning with their buddies. The program has taken a variety of shapes throughout the years, and this year everyone in the school participates at the same time. Once per month, students and teachers from lower and middle school gather with their buddy classes and get involved in a number of different projects. Some years students have the opportunity to mentor younger students, while other years they enjoy looking up to friends who are older. Some of the ways students will spend time with their buddy classes this year include collaborating on service projects, solving math challenges, writing stories together, visiting the Presidio, providing feedback on written work, playing games, and conducting experiments. The buddy program at PHS builds meaningful connections and helps students feel known and supported within the community.